Consultancy services for Hazard and Risk Vulnerability Assessment Study with specific focus on Seismic Risk Mitigation of Jammu and Kashmir

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   Bashir Ahmad Shah
Relief & Rehabilitation Department (Jammu and Kashmir) PMU
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Consultancy Services for carrying out Mullti Hazard Risk Assessment INTEREST


  1. The The Government of Jammu & Kashmir has receiveda credit (Credit No. 5695-IN) from the International Development Association (IDA ) towards the JHELUM & TAWI FLOOD RECOVERYPROJECT and intends to apply part of the proceeds of this credit to payments under th e contract for hiring Consulting Services forcarrying out the Multi Hazard Risk Assessment for the State of Jammu and Kashmir. The Project is being implemented by theGovernment of J&K through its designated Project Management Unit (PMU) for Jhelum & Tawi Flood RecoveryProject.
  2. The objective of the consultancy is to support the Govt. of J&K and establish appropria te scientificmethods for assessing the hazard, risk and vulnerability, andestablish the risk assessment platform to enable stakehol ders informulating risk reduction plans, strategies and informed choices on the investments.
  3. The Project Managem entUnit, Jhelum & Tawi Flood Recovery Project, on behalf of Governor of State of Jammu & Kashmir, India now invite seligible Consultants to express their interest in providing the Consultancy Services for the aforesaid assignment.
  4. Interested consultants must provide the following information indicating that they are qualified to perform the required Services:Brochures, Description of Similar Assignments undertaken in the past, availability of skills among staff and certified financial staateme Brocht(s) for the last 3 years.
  5. The criteria for short listing of the Consulting firms shall be as follows:-
  • The firm should be in consulting business at least for the last 05 years (in case of JV, all the membersshall satisfy the requirement).
  • The firm shall be financially sound with an average annual turnover of more than US$5, 000, 000 (INR 32, 50, 00, 000) during the previous three years (in case of JV, each partner shall at least satisfy 25% of therequirement and Lead Partner shall satisfy at least 50% of the requirement with all partners satisfying 100% of therequirement).
  • The firms should hav e a track record of successfully completing at least two similar assignments duringthe previous seven years.
  • Availabilit y of skills among key staff in the disciplines of: scientific multi-hazardrisk assessment studies, disaster risk mitigation and pre paredness planning or strategy development including policy andoperational issues, seismology, geology, hydrology, vulnerability as sessment, climatology, economics, GIS, Statistics, surveys, etc. [in case of JV all partners combined shall satisfy 100% requirement ]
  • 6. The consultant may associate with otherfirms to enhance their qualifications. [The “Association” may ta ke the form of a joint venture (with joint and severalliability) or of a sub-consultancy], and this should be stated clearly in the ir submission.  
  • 7.A consultant willbe finally selected in accordance with Quality and Cost Based Selection (QCBS) procedures, set out in the World Bank’s“Guidelines:  Selection and Employment of Consultants Under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants by World BankBorrowers- January, 2011, Revised July 2014.” The Guidelines are available at www.worldbank.org/procure.
  • 8.Interested Consultants may obtain further information at the address given below from 10.00– 16.00 hours (IST) on all working days. This notice for Expression of Interest has also been posted on the e-procurementwebsite jktenders.gov.in and will be also available on UN Development Business, DG Market, Project web site ww webs.jtfrp.in, local and National Newspapers.
  • 9.Expression of Interest with all relevant information anddocumen ust be uploaded online on e-procurement web site “jktenders.gov.in´ and subscribed as“</ strong>Urban vulnerability assessment study with specific focus on seismic risk mitigation to undertake detailedurban vulnerability analysis and model various risks for effective mitigation planning and disaster responsepreparedness”  by not later than 17:00 hours (IST) on ……2017. Besides the hard copy in a closed envelope conta ining all relevant documents /information may also be delivered to theaddress mentioned below by not later than ……&he llip;……. 2017 up to 17:00 hours (IST)In the event, this last date being declared as holiday b y the State Government, due date for submission of hard copy ofEoI will be the next working day up till the same appointed time.


Director Technical

Project Management Unit, JTFRP



Director Technical

>Project Management Unit, JTFRP


Addresg>Hotel Rachna, Opposite Nehru Park

Boulevard Roa



Mobile: +91 9419072647

Mobile: +91 9419025185 (Director Planning &Co-ordination)

Office: 0194-2502695      

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