Management that services includes technical support for coordination and monitoring of ?São Paulo Sustainable Transport Project - Transportation Program, Logistics and Environment?

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   Rubens Cahin
Departamento de Estradas de Rodagem
Avenida do Estado, 777
Sao Paulo
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PROJECT No. P127723



TransportationProgram, Logistics and EnvironmentMANAGEMENT


1. The Government of the State of São Paulo receivedloan from the World Bank and Banco Santander SA, guaranteed MIGA - MultilateralInvestment Guarantee Agency, for partial financing for Sustainable TransportProject São Paulo - Transportation Program, Logistics and Environment- ProjectNo. P127723 and intends to apply part of the Loan proceeds for consultingservices contracting: São PauloSustainable Transport Project -Transportation Program, Logistics and Environment, according to theGuidelines for World Bank Consultant Selection, pursuant to § 5 of art. 42 ofLaw No. 8666 of 21/06/1993, its subsequent amendments and relatedlegislation.

2. The São Paulo SustainableTransport Project - Transportation Program, Logistics and Environmenthas theobjective of improving the conditions of the road system and the logistics ofintegration with the various modes of transportation, contributing totheeconomic and social development of São Paulo's State. The main purpose is toreduce the cost of transportation and to increase traffic safety in the roadnetwork under the responsibility of DER/SP. This will be done by carrying outwork on a significant part of the highways. The DER/SP is the executing agencyof the Program, which has the direct participation of SLT, SPG, SMA, CETESB andIG, as Participating Entities of the Project. The São Paulo SustainableTransport Project - Transportation Program, Logistics and Environment, whichbegan in 2013, provides the recovery and expansion of the capacity ofapproximately 550 km of highways, approximately 100 km of rehabilitation andmaintenance based on performance contracts - CREMA and construction of a bridgeon SP-147.

3. The scope of management servicesincludes technical support for coordination and monitoring of "São PauloSustainable Transport Project - Transportation Program, Logistics andEnvironment", for the Departamento de Estradas de Rodagem do Estado de SãoPaulo (DER/SP), including scheduling and monitoring the physical and financialexecution of contracts; the identification of actual or potential criticalevents that may have a financial impact or chronological variation; therelationship and coordination of the activities of the various contractors, aswell as the various internal sectors of the DER/SP with other agencies andexternal agents that may be involved/beneficiaries in the execution of theProgram; verification of the fulfillment of the commitments resultingfrom theLoan Agreement; preparation of periodic information on the progress of theProgram to be submitted to the World Bank by the DER/SP - UCPR (CoordinationUnit for Road Programs); elaboration of special information on specific orcritical topics; to alert UCPR of occurrences or potential events andto drawup recommendations for measures pertinent to their prevention or correction;support the environmental area of DER/SP in the environmental and socialsupervision of works; and, monitoring and control of performance indicators.

4. The releaseof services, when contracted, may be given in whole or in part, at theconvenience of the administration.

5. TheDepartamento de Estradas de Rodagem do Estado de São Paulo ? DER/SP, responsible executor for monitoring the implementation of all components of theprogram and the general administration of the Project Loan AgreementsderivedAuthority INVITES consultants qualified and eligible to submit Expressions ofInterest in order to provide such management services.

Interestedconsultants must demonstrate that they are qualified to perform the services, by submitting information (printed, description of similar assignments, experience in similar circumstances, staff with the required qualifications, etc.), and also providing a similar service relationship contemplating runningrelevant information, such as contractor, project name, brief description ofthe services, start date and completion, contract value, etc. Consultants mayassociate to enhance their qualifications. All information should be consideredin a maximum of 50 pages per company/ consortium. In this stage, the experiences of professionalswill notbe evaluated.

The analysis ofqualifications for Short Lists training purposes take into account thefollowing criteria:

·        Experience inmanagement of transport works withinternational financing of World Bank;

·        Experience inmanagement of any transport works withother international financing;

·        Experience inmanagement of any transport works (urbanroads, railways, ports, airports, bridges, viaducts, etc.);

·        The company'sexperience in Brazil and / or region

6. Theconsultant will be chosen in accordance with the Selection Based on Quality andCost (QCBS) and procedures established by the World Bank's Guidelines:Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers published in May2004, revised October 2006 in May 2010 and January 2011, which can beobtainedfrom the following website: www.worldbank.org. Interested consultantsmayobtain further information from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 12:00and from14:00 to 16:00 (GMT) in the "Unit for the Coordination of Road Programs -Department of Roads Shooting of the State of São Paulo ", Att EngineerRubens Cahin, State Avenue, No. 777-2 floor - room 2123 - Bridge Small, SãoPaulo / SP, CEP:. 01107-000 - Brazil, phone: (55- 11) 3311-2285, fax (55-11)3311-2286, email rcahin@sp.gov.br, website: www.der.sp.gov.br.

7. Expressionsof Interest should be addressed to the "Unit for the Coordination of RoadPrograms - Department of Roads Shooting the State of São Paulo", identified below, may be received by mail at the address above or email in theIn the electronic address smi@derucp.com.br, until 16:00 pm on may 10th, 2017(brazilian time).


Departamento de Estradas de Rodagem (DER/SP)

Unidade de Coordenação de Programas Rodoviários (UCPR)

Att. Engº Rubens Cahin

Avenida do Estado nº 777, 2º andar, Sala 2123, BomRetiro

São Paulo - SP, CEP 01107-000 ? Brasil

Tel/fax: +55(11) 3311-2285

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